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About Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous aqua theme parks in the UAE, and has gained many awards during its venture till date. Home to over 40 thrilling attractions, the place is one of the most visited theme parks in Dubai. Yas Waterworld offers a lot of rides and slides for its visitors, but is especially famous for Falcons Falaj, the world’s largest six-seater roller coaster. If you are visiting the place in large groups then this is one of the best group slides that you can enthrall.Apart from this the place is also home to various leisure and kids friendly rides such as Tot’s Playground, Cannon Point, Al Raha River, and many more. Apart from rides one can also enjoy other activities such as lazing around the comfortable cabanas present inside the park. These cabanas can be included in your Yas Waterworld tickets according to your choices. Or you can indulge in the relaxing and calm poolside area of the park, where you can just soak in the amazing sun while admiring the refreshing water.

Book Yas Waterworld Tickets Online

Booking Yas Waterworld tickets online is the best way to escape any last-minute hassle and fix your day into this enjoyment bundle. A place with a whopping number of 45 attractions and whatnot! Yas Waterworld is filled with kids, teenagers, adults, and elders, everyone of any age. This makes the tickets get sold out within minutes of their availability. Moreover, ticket counters of this place are seen to be an array of long queues with people waiting for hours to grab their chance of happiness. This type of booking is unpredictable with no surety and should not be chosen when traveling overseas. The solution to this problem is to book Yas Waterworld tickets online through our website for your desired date and time. The advanced booking system will give you an instant confirmation fixing all your travel plans and worries of course! You will be saved from long queues, tiring waiting hours, and last-minute rushes to the place. Yas Waterworld ticket price is likely to get reduced as we offer a variety of deals and discounts to choose from- making your trip as cost-effective as possible. You will be able to experience the best of Yas Waterworld's visit including 45 attractions and 4 zones at a discounted Yas Waterworld price.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Combo Tickets

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Tickets + Emirates Park Zoo Tickets

You can visit two of the most popular attractions of Abu Dhabi at a single Yas Waterworld tickets combo with Emirates Park Zoo saving hundreds of bucks. You can choose from a whopping number of 40 rides, slides, and attractions at Waterworld. Have fun with your friends and family at the world’s largest six-person water slide named Dawamma and ride the 550 m long roller coaster to get a rush of adrenaline. End your day by meeting the rarest 1700 endangered animals to make your day as you witness the exotic flora and fauna at the Emirates zoo park including the beautiful white tigers.

Yas Waterworld Tickets + IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

Get access to Yas Waterworld and IMG Worlds of Adventure in a single combo ticket. You can watch your favorite inanimate characters from the Cartoon Network and Superheroes from Marvel come back to life at IMG Worlds of Adventures. You can explore the major zones of IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley that contain prehistoric dinosaurs to try 22 amazing rides at the adventurous park. You can get embraced by the shuttle journey taking you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Start the second half of your day by experiencing 40 amazing aqua rides at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi including the 550m roller coaster giving you total chills.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Tickets + Wild Wadi Tickets

Save on the combo ticket of Yas Waterworld and Wild Wadi Waterpark. Start your day with 30 exotic rides at Wild Wadi Waterworld in Dubai as you relax and enjoy lazily alongside the poolside afternoon. You can reach Abu Dhabi via a shuttle service to start the second half of your day. Experience 40 rides with 4 different thrilling levels at the Yas Waterworld. Slide down with your friends and family on the 6-rider slide and hop on to a 550 m long roller coaster to give yourself an adrenaline boost.

Yas Waterworld Tickets + Burj Khalifa At the Top Tickets

You will be able to give yourself the delight of a combo ticket of Yas Waterworld and the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. Enjoy 40 water activities to give yourself a happiness check at the Yas Waterworld including the 550 m long roller coaster and the world’s largest six-seater roller coaster Falcons Falaj. Fly from Abu Dhabi to Burj Khalifa via a chauffeur service to enjoy the views from the world’s tallest building. Start the second part of your day by reaching the 124 level with the fastest elevators in the United Arab Emirates. End the day with panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline from the 124th and 125th level observation deck.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi + Dubai Frame Tickets

Save your money and indulge in the best times of your life to enjoy Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the same day through the combo tickets. You can get yourself complete levels of thrills at the four different zones of Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the 6-rider family slide, 550 meters longest roller coaster and relax around the lazy Al Raha River in the award-winning Yas Waterworld. Fly from Abu Dhabi to visit the iconic city of Dubai to start your second part of the day with the iconic Dubai Frame. Take the elevator with 360 degrees views of the top of Dubai and witness Dubai’s amazing skyline through the Dubai frame.

Ferrari World + Yas Waterworld Combo Tickets

Enjoy your full day at Abu Dhabi by booking the combo ticket of Yas Waterworld and the infamous Ferrari World. You can ride 20 thrilling rides and go through different attractions at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You can explore 4 different thrill levels of amazing rides from light-hearted to extreme adventure zones including the 6-rider family slide with your loved ones. You will be able to end your day by boosting your adrenaline in a 550 meters long exclusive roller coaster ride.

Experiences Offered in Yas Waterworld Tickets

While rides and themed attractions remain the main spot, there are a lot of experiences available to choose from in the Yas Waterworld. You can choose to immerse yourself into the deep waters to find a Pearl or you may reach the edge of outer space, the choice is yours. You can also choose to chill around with your friends and family in a private luxurious space. Let it be a thrilling ride, diving experience, or a private elegant access, this theme park has almost everything for everyone.

Underwater VR Experiences

Located at Amwaj Wave Pool, a new Virtual reality experience has been launched to be a part of Yas Waterworld tickets. This VR show is one of its kind in Abu Dhabi as it allows you to have a sensory experience making the virtual reality almost a reality. This show will take you to the edges of outer space, underwater ship decks, mysterious caves, and many more such fascinating places. The only thing you have to do is wear the VR mask over your eyes and follow the instructions of the staff to get lost in the world beyond imagination.

Pearl Diving Experience

Based upon the story of an Emirati Girl Dana bringing out prosperity to her village in the form of pearls, this Pearl diving experience is based on the same legend. The Pearl is kept in an oyster which has a special set of instructions to be followed for its opening. In these kinds of Yas Waterworld offers, the divers have to hold their breath beneath the water and wear swimming goggles. All this with the opening procedure has to be learned on the land only to dive into the depths of the underwater tanks. You have to dive with an expert to open this oyster to grab the elegant Pearl.

Al Waha Cabanas

Through the Yas Waterworld tickets, you can access the premium lounge for being comfortable on your own or with your friends and family. The cabanas are located in a great location in the park, featuring 5-6 guests and VIP service, free towels, mini-refrigerators, butler service, sun lounges, and an exotic food menu. If you are ready to experience the richness of cabanas, the Yas Waterworld price offers you to book for either 4-persons or 6-persons. Each person is provided with a non-transferable wrist band, and cabanas don’t permit outside food and beverages with strict rules of No smoking.

Top Rides to Try in Yas Waterworld Tickets

The rides of the Yas Waterworld are divided into four zones depending upon the thrill levels. These levels start from the lowest named ‘Sultan’s young fun’ which denotes rides for kids. The next level includes Dhabi's exciting adventure and Hamlool’s moving and grooving. These rides are further classified into single rider or family rides as you may be able to choose according to your interest among Yas Waterworld offers.

Tot’s Playground

As the name suggests, this cute little thing is for the tiny tots. Your kids will run by throwing splashes of water on each other in this small pool with playful slides. You can sit back and relax to see your kids dance in happiness and joy. The thrill level of this place is absolutely low which is suitable for every age group. The minimum height requirement is 150 cm.

Cannon Point

The water cannon experience is one of the most exciting experiences for kids to choose from. The children can playfully throw water through cannons at each other while you can be their companion to play. Pretend to have a water war with your kid and prepare to be a water fighter to make your kid enjoy the game of water splash. The thrill level of this ride is sultan’s young fun with no minimum height requirement.


Designed specially to make a kid smile and giggle in the smooth waters, this ride is just for the toddlers. Kids splash the water in the cute paddling pool with three slides to get soaked in the little bucket water. The thrill type of this ride is sultan’s young fun with no height restrictions.

Yadi Yas

Enjoying this ride with your family, you can river ride descending the gushy Yadi Yas river. A part of water world family rides, this ride offers you plastic-filled air tubes to float in the water. You just need to hold your little one and plunge the fun river. The thrill level of this ride is a family activity with no height bar.


This ride will make you enjoy the largest wave pool of Yas Waterworld with distinct wave rotations. With the thrill level of Dhabi's exciting adventure, you can enjoy this ride with your family. With no height restriction, you can simply take a tube and float in this pool. If you have done too much then you can also choose to relax on sun beds at the Amwaj beach.

Cine Splash

Just as the name suggests, this exciting ride will make you experience the power of water. When in this wonderful ride, you will witness the virtual waters overflowing the cinema. Special effects are added to make you feel the movement of seats, the explosion of the waters, and the waterfalls. The thrill level is Dhabi’s exciting adventure which can be viewed as a family activity with a minimum height of 110 cm.

Water Wars

Indulge in the experience of playfully fighting with your friends and family in the attraction of water wars. You will be able to witness the beauty of water balloons as soon as they burst and release water. This ride provides you with a bucket of such balloons to throw on each other. The thrill level of this ride is Hamlools moving and grooving viewed as a family activity with no height limits.

Marah Fortress

In this ultimate water playful ride, you will be able to make your kids access the slides, dump buckets, shoot with water cannons, and have a never-ending water adventure. The thrill level of this family activity is Hamlools moving and grooving with no height bars.

Al Raha River

Lying 300m of the infamous lazy river, this makes you float in the lazy river. With a thrill level of moving and grooving, this place is a family-packed adventure. You can simply choose to float or can be a part of a waterfall and induce rain.

Know Before You Book Yas Waterworld Dubai Tickets

Essential information

1. Location: Yas Waterworld is located in Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.Timings: Yas Waterworld is open every day with different timings as from Sunday to Thursday 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM, Friday for Lady days 01:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Saturday for Neon Lights 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

2. How to Reach:- By Bus: You can take any bus from parking stop 7 at Ibn Battuta, Deira City Center, all of them will drop you at your location.. - By Taxi/https://www.Cab:You can reach Yas Island within a 25-minute drive from Abu Dhabi.You can reach Yas Island with a 50-minute drive from Dubai.

3. Best Time to Visit:If you plan to buy Yas Waterworld tickets online, it is advisable to visit Yas Waterworld between the months of October and March beating the heatwaves of Dubai owing to it being an outdoor activity. However, you should visit this place during weekdays to avoid crowds as this place witnesses large spectators

4. Age and Height Restrictions: Anyone belonging of any age or height is welcomed in Yas Waterworld but for boarding rides, you need to check about the restrictions from the staff. Usually, people below 1.1 meters are allowed to board any ride.

  • The prayer room is inside the park and you can be guided by the guest services to visit it.
  • The parking facility is available for free at the location during operational hours. However, the valet parking can be availed at a fee of 42 AED.
  • If you have bigger luggage with you, it can be stored in the lockers with the guest services.
  • Usage of credit cards, cash, and wallets is not allowed inside as wristbands load electronic credit applicable in the Yas Waterworld. Any extra balance gets refunded into the visitor’s account at the end of the day.
  • You must buy Yas Waterworld tickets online to avoid standing in long queues.
  • Wear appropriate non-revealing swimwear.
  • Too long clothes, jeans, shorts, and dresses should not be worn to swim as they may get caught in the slides leading to accidents.
  • Visit during weekdays only to avoid crowds.
  • Ladies can visit on Fridays with a special lady day pass witnessing only women in the place.
  • Check the height restrictions carefully before onboarding a ride.

FAQ's Related To Yas Waterworld Dubai Tickets

How big is Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi?

Yas Waterworld offers you 37 acres of an adventurous water park with 40 different rides.

How many rides are there in Yas Waterworld?

There are more than 40 rides for kids, teenagers, and adults under the Yas Waterworld ticket offers. These rides are divided into four zones ranging from the lowest thrill level to the most extreme level.

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Why are the ticket prices based on height at Yas Waterworld?

Yas Waterworld price is based on height restrictions because people belonging to a certain height may not fit into a particular ride. They may fall short of height or may be too large. Every person belonging to a height below 1.1 meters can board rides for the Yas Waterworld ticket price.

How much is the distance of other attractions at Yas Island from Yas Waterworld?

Other famous attractions of Yas island include Yas mall, Ferrari World, and the Warner Bros all of which lie in the closest proximity to the Yas Waterworld. If you have Yas Waterworld tickets and plan to explore the island, these can be reached by taxi/cab services or by walking within minutes.

What are the different types of Yas Waterworld Tickets available?

Single-day pass and lady day pass at different Yas Waterworld ticket prices are available for you to buy. Mostly, combo tickets of Yas Waterworld are bought with other famous attractions of Abu Dhabi like Ferrari World and Emirates Park Zoo, etc.

Can I book my Yas Waterworld Tickets online?

Yes, you can book Yas Waterworld tickets online from our website anytime and anywhere in a matter of single click.


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