Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum Overview

By interpreting and encouraging a sense of openness between cultures, the world-famous Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is the Arab World's first universal museum. A paradise for art enthusiasts, this museum is situated in the centre of the Saadiyat Cultural District on Saadiyat Island and features artefacts with historical, cultural, and sociological relevance from antiquity to the present day. Featuring a Permanent Gallery and a Temporary Gallery spanning a combined 9,200 square metres, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel. By displaying the diversity of human culture in one location, it highlights universal experiences and interactions that transcend borders and time. The magnificent building, which is a symphony in concrete, water, and the subtle dance of reflected light, was influenced by the region's rich architectural heritage and the museum's extraordinary setting, where the Arabian sky joins the sands of Saadiyat Island and the seas of the Arabian Gulf.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World, is the first worldwide museum in the Arab world and stands as a potent symbol of the United Arab Emirates' ambition and success. Nouvel's silver dome is a complicated geometric structure made up of 7,850 stars, and it was influenced by the cupola, a signature feature of Arabic architecture. These stars are replicated in eight different layers, each time becoming larger and tilting at a different angle. The 'shower of light' within the museum is created by the sun's rays shining through the dome's openings as the earth rotates underneath them.

What is the Best Way to Buy Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets?

Getting Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets can be done one of two ways: either by waiting in the huge queues in the blistering heat of Abu Dhabi for two hours, or by ordering tickets online in advance and receiving quick confirmation of your reservation. There are several additional benefits to buying plane tickets online.

1.) Advance BookingMobile Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets and fast confirmation of your booking allow you to plan ahead for your visit to the museum.

2.) Purchase Skip the Line TicketsLouvre Abu Dhabi, one of the most popular attractions in the UAE, continues to attract a large number of visitors every day due to its unique popularity. Despite the long lines, you can now stay one step ahead of the crowds by purchasing your Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets in advance online.

3.) Best Online DealsIn addition to allowing you to reserve tickets for the times that work best for you, buying tickets online also gives you access to the best offers and discounts on Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price.

Your Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets Explained

You may save yourself time and effort by purchasing your Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets in advance online, rather than waiting in line for two hours. Those who purchase Skip-The-Line Admission in Abu Dhabi can avoid the lengthy lines and gain quick entry to the Louvre. With your Abu Dhabi Louvre Admission with no waiting in line, you can spend more time exploring the galleries and learning about the museum's fascinating exhibits. Visit the 12 galleries, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Children's Museum, the Exhibitions, the Boutique Souvenir Store, and the rest of the Museum with your Louvre Museum tickets and have a fantastic time with your loved ones.

Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets can be purchased online at steep discounts. Children under the age of 18 are admitted free with a paying adult, and school teachers, college professors, and members of the UAE armed forces receive a 50% discount on Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum tickets. Visitors who are members of the press, the Louvre Abu Dhabi's Art Club Loyalty Program, the International Council of Museums, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, and the disabled (and an accompanying person) receive free entrance.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Architecture

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by 2017 Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Jean Nouvel, opened to the public on November 8 of that year. The museum's façade, inspired by Abu Dhabi's pristine virgin lagoon island of Saadiyat, is a wonderful companion to the Louvre Abu Dhabi's collection, which reflects a chronological trip across the world. Taking its cue from the mashrabiya, a screen commonly seen in the Middle East, the museum city's 55 individual structures are covered by a latticed dome made of aluminium and steel. Sunlight shines through the dome's stencilled stars, creating a mystical atmosphere throughout the museum. The newest museum in Abu Dhabi is an architectural marvel that also serves as a cultural institution dedicated to the promotion of principles as diverse as mutual respect, exploration of new ideas, and introspection.

Why You Should Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi?

  • Since its inception in 2007, Louvre Abu Dhabi has been a joint effort by the governments of France and the United Arab Emirates to establish a museum that will showcase art from all around the world.
  • A vast white museum city covering 64 thousand square metres, this Arabian version of the Louvre in Paris features priceless works of art acquired through a partnership with the Agence France Museums.
  • According to Nouvel, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is "a welcoming realm serenely mixing light and shade, reflection and tranquility."
  • Rather than being a mere translation, it strives to embody the culture, history, and geography of the place to which it aspires. A secondary goal is to highlight the unique awe that can be inspired by uncommon occurrences.
  • The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the largest museum of art and culture of its kind in the Arab world. It was designed to show the similarities that span centuries and cultures in various corners of the world.
  • For the next three decades, this museum will be known as the Louvre, and its developing, one-of-a-kind collection will feature Middle Eastern and international artefacts.

What to See in Louvre Abu Dhabi?

When you visit Louvre Abu Dhabi, you may look at works of art and artefacts from all over the world and from different cultures. Pieces of interest include a sphinx from the sixth century, early Chinese ceramics, a painting by Whistler, and a drawing by Klee, among others. Items in the collection are on loan from the Louvre in Paris and other institutions in France and are moved around on a regular basis. The museum's collections, galleries, and exhibitions are not to be missed by anybody with even a passing interest in history, culture, art, or architecture.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Collection

The collections of Louvre Abu Dhabi celebrate the stories of human invention that are universal and not bound by geography, time, or culture. Exhibited on 6400 square metres of gallery space, the museum's ever-expanding collection of treasures spans the whole history of humanity via art and artefacts from every corner of the globe. There are modern master paintings, ornamental arts, neoclassical sculptures, and contemporary installations among the antique artefacts on display. The Basin of Bonifacius, which stands at the museum's entrance; and an African hermaphrodite figure dating from the 1200s to 1300s portraying a mythical ancestor are just two examples of the various works of art that can be witnessed with Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets.

Museum Galleries

Many of the world's most renowned works of art will be on exhibit in the Louvre Abu Dhabi's twenty galleries, including the La Belle Ferronnière, a picture of an unnamed woman by Leonardo da Vinci, a portrait of Napoleon by David, a sphinx from the sixth century BC in Greece, a bronze Oba head from marble nymphs of Versailles, and Benin Kingdom. Louvre Abu Dhabi today proudly displays works by such artists as Claude Monet (with his "La Gare Saint-Lazare"), Pablo Picaso (with his "Portrait of a Lady"), and Vincent Van Gogh (with his "Self-Portrait").


Each year, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will offer visitors a unique experience by hosting four temporary exhibitions in conjunction with thirteen other French museums on a theme that complements the permanent displays in the museum's galleries.

Children's Museum

There are plenty of activities for children to enjoy with the Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets, so they soak in the museum's wealth of knowledge. Learn more about the creative process and the many methods employed by the museum's artists as you explore the various exhibits and galleries on an exciting and educational journey through the Children's Museum. Children of all ages (1-12) will find something of interest in the museum that aims to spark their imaginations and provide them with valuable museum education.

Things to Experience with Louvre Museum Tickets Abu Dhabi

There's a lot more to do here than just wander the museum's fundamental galleries and marvel at the works of renowned artists' reflections in the museum's reflective pools. In order to get the most out of your visit from the Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets, you need to plan on spending at least a few hours there. Thus, enjoy your time exploring the exhibits, kayaking at the museum, or simply relaxing with a yoga session under the dome.

Yoga Under The Dome

To help you relax and recharge, a museum like Louvre Abu Dhabi dedicated to mindfulness has been set up in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Two times a day, under the glass dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, a yoga class will help you find mental stillness and relaxation. Jean Nouvel's dome combines the heavenly with the terrestrial to provide its own microclimate and a one-of-a-kind environment in which to study the curative effects of nature and art. With the Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets you may take your yoga practice to the next level by listening to their "Contemplative Vibes" playlist on anghami.

Drawing at the Museum

Drawing in the Museum is a great way to learn about the creative process and to meet other art enthusiasts in a relaxed and inspiring environment. The Museum Educator will spend 30 minutes with a small group once a week to talk about an artwork, help them practise sketching, and teach them about various drawing techniques. With the Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets you can explore the principles of form and perspective through ancient ceramics and reliefs, marvel at the complexity of the human form, analyse light and shade, and take in the stunning architecture of the Louvre Abu Dhabi's dome. At the end of the two hours, your group will engage in a roundtable conversation where you may offer your own critical perspective, hear others', and build upon what you've learned.

The Royal Secret Soirée

Join them for the Queen's Secret Soiree, where royal delights await and time travel to the Palace of Versailles for a royal ball. Discover the splendour of a royal court as viewed through fresh eyes, complete with musical and theatrical acts. Be with them for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when the auditorium at Louvre Abu Dhabi is converted into the Royal Opera House at Versailles in honour of their new gallery show, Versailles and the World. Step into the fictitious world of the Queen's secret soiree and you can expect an evening full of live music, dance acts, spoken-word poetry, beatboxing, and plenty of surprises. You won't just sit there and take in the show; you'll actively participate in the story that unfolds before your eyes and ears. Once you've accepted the invitation extended to you by the royal family, your trip officially begins. To gain access to this once-in-a-lifetime event, you must first obtain the password by meeting one of the Queen's friends, and this guide will tell you who to meet and where to go.

Play at Louvre Abu Dhabi Park

In the presence of the soothing ocean breeze, you may take your daily walks and nightly jogs to a whole new level. This tranquil setting is ideal for any daily activity, from working out to just hanging out, from greeting the morning to watching the sun set. Feel free to bring your loved ones along on your contemplative strolls as you take in the breathtaking view from the dome's vantage point over the ocean. The Louvre Abu Dhabi Park is a great place to do some exercise and find motivation on a regular basis. For an additional AED 63, you may extend your visit inside the galleries and learn about life in the Middle East over the past 10,000 years.

Free Online Activities for Families

Make and Play films are quick and entertaining ways for the whole family to get creative while exploring the collection's themes through art-making. You and your kids can have fun in the comfort of your own home by creating a plant illustration, flipbook, or a jar. With this online community, the whole family may work together on not only an original piece of art, but also a costume design.

Kayaking around the Museum

Spend some time at the museum while listening to the waves of the Arabian Sea. See the architecture of the Louvre Abu Dhabi from a new angle by taking a kayak tour. Here are the different kayaking tours that you can enjoy.

1.) Full Moon Kayaking - Enjoy a unique full moon kayaking tour as an inclusion in the Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price as you paddle under the stars.

2.) Sunrise Kayaking - Kayaking around the Louvre Abu Dhabi before dawn is a great way to see the museum's famous architecture illuminated.

3.) Junior Kayaking - On a guided tour designed just for them, kids aged 6 to 12 can have a blast paddling through the futuristic museum city. Each youngster, however, must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Know Before You Book Louvre Museum Tickets Abu Dhabi

Location & How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
Essential Information
  • See the Bonifacius’ basin, sculptures of Bodhisattva and Bodhidharma , many vases, and paintings, among the museum's extraordinary collection of over 120 relics from across civilizations and continents.
  • The museum houses around 600 works of art spanning prehistory to the present day.
  • Stop by the museum's Make and Play sessions to get your creative juices flowing and pick up some art history along the way.
  • Enroll in a calligraphy course to gain this special ability from seasoned professionals.
  • Savour flavorful treats in the museum's cafe, which was designed by Jean-Nouvel.
  • Enjoy a night out under the stars at the Art lounge, where you can mingle with other culture vultures over drinks and conversation.
  • Get some rest and a tasty meal at the Aptitude Cafe.

Location - The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum is located at the Saadiyat - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

How to Reach

1.) By Town Car - The trip from Abu Dhabi International Airport to the museum by Towncar will take about 30 minutes. Al Falah Road/E12 is the route to take. The alternative route takes about 34 minutes and involves taking Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street/E10.

*2.) By Taxi *- If you take a taxi from the airport to the museum, the ride will take roughly thirty minutes because you'll be taking the same route.

3.) Public Transport - In roughly an hour and a half, you may reach the museum by taking bus lines 094 and 032.

4.) By private Car - The trip from the airport to the museum can alternatively be made in a private vehicle. It will take you around half an hour to get there.

The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is open all day, so you can go whenever it works best for your schedule. The museum is open from 10 am to 8 pm daily (Saturday through Wednesday) and 10 am to 10 pm (Thursday and Friday). Keep in mind that the museum is always closed on Mondays. Thus, to avoid waiting in a lengthy line, it's best to get to the museum right as it opens.

Opening Hours - The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi stays open from Sunday to Friday 10 AM to 6:30 PM.

What to WearDespite popular belief, there is no strict dress code in Abu Dhabi Louvre, and women in particular are free to wear anything they feel comfortable in. Women should wear long skirts or pants that reach at least to the knees when in public in Abu Dhabi, and especially when visiting the museum during the holy month of Ramadan.

Tips to Booking Louvre Museum Tickets Abu Dhabi

  • You should buy your tickets to the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi in advance. When you buy your tickets, you'll be given a window of time in which to show up.
  • To properly see the artworks and explore the museum, visitors should download the museum's free app before their visit. Remember to bring your headphones.
  • Tour guides are worth the money if you want to hear insider information about the history and significance of the buildings and artefacts from knowledgeable locals.
  • Guests can easily navigate through all 12 eras of global history because of the gallery numbers that are clearly displayed.
  • Don't rush through your visit to this museum city; set aside time to see everything there is to see; full days are recommended.
  • Try out the Museum's newest attraction, kayaking on the Arabian Sea, for an exciting new perspective on this historic site.
  • If you're in Abu Dhabi to see the Louvre Museum, you should also check out Ferrari World and Warner Bros World provided they are included in the Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price.

Facts of Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi

  • The Louvre Abu Dhabi "museum city" spans almost 97,000 square metres across the lagoon island of Saadiyat and was designed by Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel.
  • Building the museum's foundations required the movement of 503,000 cubic metres of sand, which was a significant undertaking for the engineering team. It's low-slung and balanced on four legs, so it looks like a hovering dome, but it's actually not.
  • Dome appears to float on air because of secret supports, but it actually weighs more than the Eiffel Tower.
  • The Abu Dhabi government forked up $525 million to the French government so that their Louvre museum could share a name with the famous Parisian landmark.
  • The typical roofing material in the Emirates is made of palm leaves, which are intertwined to create holes in the dome, giving the structure the appearance of silver lace. Sun flows through the dome like a delicate “rain of light”, akin to a claustra lattice of Mashrabiyas, symbolising the continual interaction of light and shadow in the land.
  • Louvre, Abu Dhabi, is home to great artwork and bookshops, all of which are accessible by boat from the coast.
  • Its basic and contrasted array of white structures take influence from the medina and small Arab communities. The museum's setting encourages visitors to appreciate the dynamic interplay between sky and sea, man and machine, and art and design.

FAQs of Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi

What is the significance of the Louvre Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi Louvre is home to many works of art and artefacts from all over the world, covering a wide range of historical periods and cultures. You get to appreciate the exquisite building design, its one-of-a-kind layout, its floors, and its walls, all of which are a reflection of the inventiveness of the artists who created them.

How long do you need at the Louvre Abu Dhabi?

With Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets visitors typically require between two and four hours to swiftly see all of the sights. The art is spread among the museum's galleries, exhibitions, children's museum, and final stop, the highway gallery, and the programming includes things like cinema screenings.

What to wear to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi?

Despite popular belief, there is no strict dress code in Louvre Abu Dhabi, and women in particular are free to wear anything they feel comfortable in. Women should wear long skirts or pants that reach at least to the knees when in public in Abu Dhabi, and especially when visiting the museum during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Is photography allowed in Louvre Abu Dhabi?

Yes, all are welcome to take photographs, make videos, and make other recordings for personal, educational, or research purposes while at the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi museum. However, no commercial photography, filming, or recording is permitted at the Museum without the Director's written permission.

How much did the Louvre Abu Dhabi cost?

The average Louvre Abu Dhabi ticket price is AED 63 for adults, AED 315 for seniors above 65 years of age, and youngsters between the ages 13-22 years.

Are Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets available online?

Yes, Abu Dhabi Louvre tickets are available online.


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