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About KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets

Step into the fantasy world where fun meets learning and choose the career of your dreams. Get your children to use their KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets and become what they have always wanted for a day. This is a simulation of an entire city where children have the privilege of taking up a career of their choice including police officers, doctors, nurses, RJ, chefs, and even Mc Donald’s employees, among several others. It is a very popular place among kids and parents alike. Kids get to own, earn and manage their own money, work at their favorite jobs, all while having a great time.

The concept of ‘edutainment’ at this kids’ zone housed within Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall has won several awards for its uniqueness. The interactive mini-city it features is one of the largest in the entire world that uses an innovative approach of learning through fun. With over 60 ‘jobs’, children between the age of 4 and 16 can enjoy all the wonderful offerings at KidZania with a single ticket. The children are guided by Zupervisors here who are well-trained professionals, and are always around to look after them. Once your kids are through with their work and have earned enough KidZania money, they can also head to the department store and KidZania shop to pick up some goodies of their choice.

Buying KidZania Abu Dhabi Ticket Online

Visit KidZania to give your kids a one-of-a-kind experience where they can adopt the career of their dreams while having fun. Moreover, if you buy your KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets online you can enjoy this unique ‘edutainment’ concept at a discounted rate with several other amazing deals. Book your Kidzania Abu Dhabi tickets online today and save yourself the hassle of having to stand in long queues braving the crowd if you had to book them at the counter personally. Instead booking the tickets online from the comfort of your homes can make your experience simple and hassle free. You can choose from various packages and combo deals such as Child economy tickets, where you get pre 50 kidzo money during entry.

Kidzania Abu Dhabi Ticket Variants

Standard Tickets

With your KidZania Abu Dhabi Child Economy tickets, you get entry into the amusement zone along with the initial 50 KidZos (kidzania currency). They also have limited access to KidZania activities as well as the Zupervisors who are highly trained professionals here to look after your children. With an Adult Standard ticket you get to spend time here with your companions, who are above the age of 17. The ticket price also includes 100 KidZos, entry into the amusement zone, discounts at the department store and the KidZania shop as well as a free upgrade on your PaZZport tier.

Premium Tickets

The Premium KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets are aimed at children aged 4 to 16 years. It includes all the city activities, special discounts at the Department store as well as the KidZania shop, and a free upgrade on your PaZZport tier after completing the 30 stamps. You also get a chance to earn additional Kidzos against minimal payment, along with an access to the Seasonal Activity. There is also a Premium Plus ticket available which is for children between the age of 4 and 16, also gets you a free KidZania Passport, and all the other Premium activities.

Annual Tickets

Get your Annual tickets to avail exciting KidZania Abu Dhabi offers. Firstly, with this pass you get access to this Abu Dhabi outlet throughout the year. You also get a free KidZania Pazzport along with an exciting 15 percent discount in case you have a Birthday party here along with a 15 percent discount at the KidZania Shop. At the time of your Annual ticket collection, you immediately gain 150 KidZos.

Experience to Have at KidZania Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the best KidZania Abu Dhabi offers and bring your kids to role play among over 40 different real world professions of their choices. Here they get to learn about real-life situations and challenges associated with individual professions from a variety of fields in a fun way.


Children get prepared at the University for higher education where they attain a degree in a field of their choice. They can also opt for the more specialized training such as acting where children get introduced to various roles while at the same time boosting their levels of confidence and communication. At the end of this they are encouraged to produce their very own talent show and street performance around the mini city.


This zone houses the Metropolitan Theater of KidZania where your little ones take center stage and get to anchor a variety of news shows throughout the day.

Food & Beverages

KidZania has been modeled on a real life city and like any other city has several places to eat and drink. Your little ones can put on their chef hats and explore their culinary skills either at Pizzamania, Krispy Kreme where they can rustle up some coffee and doughnuts, or at Gelato Divino where you can enjoy a cool ice cream.


If your child dreams of becoming a doctor, a paramedic or a nurse one day, this is a great place to start as like any other city, KidZania too needs its share of good physicians. You can work at the KidZania branch of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. You can become a dental hygiene expert as well and visit the Appolonia Pediatric Dental Center.


If you aspire to be a media person and get behind the cameras, come and join the Majid TV Animation Studio and make your very own creation and a short film with the help of the newest stop motion technique.


Come to KidZania’s very own department store and encourage your little ones to manage their own finances. Help them build their confidence with money matters when they come to the store here. They get to spend the money, known as KidZos in the world of KidZania, that they have earned after a day’s of hard work at their respective work stations.


Here is your big chance to join the service industry which is the core of any society. Be a part of the Rove Hotel to get a deeper insight into the very demanding hospitality industry and its day to day challenges. Get a glimpse of all the individual departments in a hotel including reservation, check-in, housekeeping, and food and beverage, that join forces to ensure the smooth running of any good hotel.


As soon as you enter KidZania, your child has to check themselves in at the front desk from where they can also pick up a KidZania map. Kids can also take a ride on the city bus and go for a tour of this mini-city to learn in detail about the most renowned and iconic places scattered around it.


Head to the Stadium and join forces with a team to play a match. You can also opt to be a part of the physical training squad and build your strength.

Know Before you Go for Kidzania Abu Dhabi

Essential Info
Tips & Facilities

Best Time to Visit : Visiting KidZania is best during the early hours of the day, especially on weekdays. This is the time when there would be fewer visitors and you can easily enjoy the activities before the advent of the crowds.

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday - 9 AM to 8 PM. Friday to Sunday - 11 AM to 9 PM, while the booking counter closes before one hour of closing time.

Location: KidZania is located on the ground floor of the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, UAE

How to Reach:- By Bus: You can take either the bus no. 103 or 218 which goes to Yas Mall, where the kidzania is located. - By Taxi: You will easily get a taxi from central Abu Dhabi that will take you to Yas Island.

Other Essential:- Children below the height of 120 cm have to be accompanied by an adult at all times.- Children who are above 120 cm in height need an adult to usher them in at the entrance gate.- You cannot carry food and beverages from outside the park, within its premises.- No pets are allowed inside the park.

Tips- Enjoy great deals and discounts by booking your KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets online. - If you are wondering where to organize the big party, you can get in touch with the park authorities to organize it here. There are restaurants within and you can partake of food that is locally prepared here.- Plan your trip during weekdays to avoid crowds.

Facilities- KidZania Abu Dhabi is housed within the Yas Mall and it is entirely wheelchair accessible, excluding some rides. - Locker room facilities are provided here.- There is also a First-aid section for rendering immediate medical assistance

FAQ of KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets

KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets ?

KidZania is ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years.

Why is Kidzania so famous in Abu Dhabi?

This is a fun zone that children find delightful due to its unique edutainment concept. It is built in the form of a mini-city with all the requirements of social and community workers that the children can roleplay.

How to reach Kidzania Abu Dhabi?

- By Bus: You can take a bus to KidZania. Bus no. 103 or 218 goes to Yas Mall and are available from central Abu Dhabi easily- By Taxi: You will easily get a taxi from central Abu Dhabi that will take you to Yas Island

Which is the best thing to do for the kids in KidZania Abu Dhabi?

  • Play important roles in society: Be a part of a career choice you had always dreamt of such as a firefighter, doctor, chef, media person, etc. and learn all about the challenges in each of these.
  • Learn to manage your own hard-earned money: earn KidZos (KIdzania money) after each of your ‘jobs’ and at the end of the day get to spend them at KidZania’s very own department store.
  • Take a Cool City Bus Tour: This gives children a fair idea about the layout of the city as well as gives them important lessons on how to ride safely on a bus while having a sense of independence.
  • Enjoy mouthwatering food that you helped to prepare: Join the pizzeria, the ice cream outlet or even the coffee shop and help prepare some of their best dishes. Enjoy the process of cooking and relishing the dishes at the same time.

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What is the best time to visit Kidzania Abu Dhabi?

Visit KidZania Abu Dhabi during the early hours of the day when the majority of the crowd has not made its appearance. It is ideal for enjoying all the activities at peace without having to wait in long queues.

Can I Buy KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets Online ?

Yes, You can buy your KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets online

How I can book KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets ?

You can bok your slots either online with some good discounts and deals or by visiting the KidZania.

What is the price of KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets?

The price of a KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets depends on the kind of experience you are purchasing. The cost of a KidZania Abu Dhabi tickets is around 55 AED to 60 AED.


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