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About Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

Experience the opulence of Grand Prix in the UAE at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit, which is a haven for racing enthusiasts offering its exceptional layout. So all the F1 riders of the world, brace yourself for some exciting challenges. The circuit has been designed very intricately with twenty one corner twists that will traverse you across scenic views of the entire Marina and the Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, an annual race, is also held here and in one of the most exciting times at the Circuit. The Island itself is a fun and thrilling destination that is devoted to entertainment.

This circuit is the second of its kind in the Middle East that was constructed after one in Bahrain by Hermann Tilke, who is a world-class racer himself, apart from being an engineer and a designer. Get your Yas Marina Circuit ticket to enjoy the one-of-a-kind façade lighting replete with several straight as well as tight corners. One of the most attractive features of the Circuit that appeals to most visitors, is that every corner is unique and different from the other. Apart from this, you can also make the most of the place by heading to Team Building, Dragster Track, Media Center, and the VIP Tower, all of which are also housed within the park premises.

Buying Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi Tickets Online

Step into one of the world’s most stately Formula 1 circuits and enjoy its high-tech facilities. It comes with an air-conditioned media center, support Pit Garages, Race Control, Paddock area, and much more, with your Yas Marina Circuit ticket. What’s more? Book your Yas Marina Circuit ticket online from us and enjoy marvelous deals and discounts including reaching you to the starting point of the activity, enjoying a guided tour, all the activities, and sightseeing. Moreover, booking your tickets online gives you the advantage of avoiding long queues, waiting in the heat, and crowds if you were to get them personally at the venue.

Yas Marina Circuit Tour

Take the Yas Marina Circuit tour, a perfect substitute for you to enjoy the thrill of the tracks and facilities when the original Grand Prix is not available. There are several ways you can experience this according to what suits you best. So either hop into a car or just take a cycle or motorbike and tour the iconic course during sunset.

Highlights of the tour- Enjoy a comfortable air conditioned bus tour that will take you around the Formula One race track at the circuit and take a look at the grandstands- a view similar to what the actual race drivers see.- Check out the various important points on the circuit that a real race driver goes through on an actual race day including the Support Pit Garages, the Paddock area, and the podium.- Stop at the North Grandstand and Shams Tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Circuit and the Yas Island.- Enjoy the other hi-tech facilities over the next two hours like the 500-seat media center, Race control, etc.

Duration of the tour and timings- The entire Circuit tour takes 2 hours to complete.- The Yas Marina Circuit is open everyday from 10am to 4pm- During the month of Ramadan the tour is organized from Tuesday to Saturday at 10 AM

Other essential information- You can get hold of a Yas Marina Circuit map to locate Gate 20 which is the starting point of the tour.- At Gate 20 itself, at the Meeting Point you can redeem you Yas Marina Circuit tickets, by simply showing your e-tickets that you received when you booked online

Know Before Visiting Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

Best Time to Visit and Opening Hours
  • The Yas Marina Circuit was designed by world-class designer and engineer who was also a racer himself, Hermann Tilke, who has other famous circuits across the world to his credit.
  • The entire Circuit covers nearly 162 hectares of land and the track itself is over 5 km long. It also boasts the longest straight track of 1.14 km.
  • The Yas Marina Circuit Grand Prix Abu Dhabi is the second of its kind in the Middle East after Bahrain and was also the first ever to hold a twilight race.
  • The massive circuit can house over 50,000 spectators and is designed to keep them shaded from the harsh sun.
  • Get your Yas marina Circuit Tour and visit the North Grandstand from where you can view the entire circuit and the Ferrari World.
  • This is a $1.3 billion project which made use of almost 14,000 workers towards building it.
  • It is best to go for the 10 AM tour as it will let you enjoy all the outdoor visits before the harsh afternoon sun hits. Morning hours will provide you with ample time to explore the full space at your pace.
  • The Yas Marina Circuit is open every day from 9 AM to midnight
  • During the month of Ramadan the tour is organized from Tuesday to Saturday at 10 AM

Address: Yas Marina Circuit - Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

How to reach:

  • By Bus: You can take the 190 bus route that starts at Abu Dhabi bus station to Yas Island.
  • By Taxi: You can take a taxi to Gate 20 of the Circuit which is the starting point of the Yas Marina Circuit Tour.
  • By Bikeshare: You can also take an ADCB Bike Share kiosk available at different points in the city. Use kiosk number 5 which is the Yas marina Station to park your bike.
  • By Yas Express: If you are on Yas Island you can avail this free shuttle service for reaching the Yas Marina Circuit.
  • If you want to take a cycling tour of the Yas Marina Circuit, you can visit here on Tuesdays and use one of the 400 complimentary bikes available here. You can also rent a bike for 30 AED or bring your own bike.
  • Carry your ID proof at all times.
  • If you happen to visit the circuit on StartYas and TrainYas days it is imperative you follow all the rules and regulations when going cycling or biking.
  • While the runners go clockwise, cyclists must go anti-clockwise on the track between the blue line and the fence.
  • Take a combination tour of the Ferrari World or the Yas Waterworld especially if you are with kids and enjoy all the fun rides and activities together.
  • If you are in the city in the summer season it is best to visit the circuit in the morning and take the 10 AM tour. This will let you enjoy all the outdoor activities before the harsh afternoon sun hits.

FAQ of Yas Marina Circuit

What is special about Yas Marina Circuit?

Yas Marina has a multi-billion dollar world-class and technologically advanced track that boasts the longest straight track in the world. It is also home to the yearly Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the famous motor race that is held once every year.

What should I wear to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

Since Abu Dhabi experiences warm weather throughout the year, you can wear loose fitted clothing. When at the Grand prix you can follow the regular dress code which is to have your shoulders and knees covered.

How long is the Yas Marina Circuit?

The Yas Marina Circuit is 3.45 miles.

What are Yas Marina Circuit’s opening hours?

Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM to12:00 AM

Does Yas Marina Circuit have a Dress Code?

Please dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that covers your shoulders, arms, and legs. Please see the section 'What to expect' on the specifics page of your selected activity for any particular attire requirements.

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How much are tickets to Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi?

The Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi Does cost 125 AED to 130 AEd.

Can I book my Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi ticket in advance?

Yes, You can book your Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi ticket in advance.

Can I Book Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi ticket Online ?

Yes, You can book Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi ticket Online with best deals and discount.


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