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The city of Al Ain exposes the refreshingly different side of Abu Dhabi, where the desert culture and the lush green beauty of the oasis is enjoyed under the date palms. Al Ain is also called the Garden City boasting of the presence of the UAE’s most enchanting and verdant landscape, tranquil parks and wide boulevards.

To inhale the beauty of the city and get accustomed to the culture of the city, one should start their visit at the Al- Ain Museum where the archaeological records dating back to about 2500 BCE have been put together to get familiar with the land of the city better. Visit the Hili Archaeological Park, to drool over the tombs constructed in 2500-2000 BCE. The marvellous attractions of the city include the Al-Ain oasis which has more than 147,000 date palms of up to 100 different varieties. At the Al-Ain Fort, get familiar with stone construction techniques used by the tribal groups in the late 19th century. Go on a long drive to enjoy an eagle eye view from the top of Jebel Hafeet Mountain which is the 2nd largest in the UAE. Put your feet in the hot therapeutic water spring at Green Mubazzarah park. And, finally sum up your tour at the Al- Ain Mall.

Buy Al Ain City Tour Online

Book an online tour with tour operators and let them plan a convenient Al Ain sightseeing tour for you as per your requirements. Online booking would also avail different variations in tickets, discounts and an easy- hassle free booking. Not only that, booking tickets online is always a trusted and safe option, and helps visitors enjoy many premium offers. The Al Ain sightseeing tour would take visitors to all the prominent sites of the city like the Al-Ain Oasis to introduce visitors to the green side of the UAE, the Al-Ain Museum, a drive up to the top of Jebel Hafeet Mountain, etc. The confirmation and booking of tickets online is an easy process plus the refund and cancellation policies are highly convenient too.

Attraction to Visit in Al Ain

Al Ain zoo

At the Al Ain Zoo experience the 4,000 animals enjoying their natural habitat. Get an opportunity to look up-close giraffe feeding experience, camel riding and the inviting Elezba petting zoo in this spacious and well-kept zoo. The zoo is claimed to be the largest and most acclaimed in the region. The zoo offers various attractions like Sheikh Zyed desert learning centre and Al Ain Safari. On visiting the zoo one would find various indigenous and exotic species like Arabian oryx, the big-horned Barbary sheep living in their transparent enclosures. The park-like green public spaces serve as green public spaces for picnics, playgrounds, there are cafés and restaurants to pick up a bite as well.

Al-Ain museum

It is the oldest museum in the UAE, established in 1969 by thefounder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin. The museum records the history of the city of Al AIn through a number of tools, artefacts and arrowheads preserved here whichdate back to the sixth millennium BCE. The Museum area has been divided into three main sections – Archaeology, Ethnography and Gifts. In the Archaeological section of the museum is located Al- Ain’s incredible Hili Archaeological Park where one would see a number of stone constructed stones. The Ethnographic section offers insights into the local traditions and culture that have defined the region. The gifts section has all the gifts late Sheikh Zayed received from presidents and ambassadors from around the world. A popular item in this section is a moon rock given by NASA following the historic Apollo 17 trip to the surface of the moon. Visitors can get a break from the museum in the picturesque Sultan Fort which lies within the grounds of Al Ain Museum and forms one of its major attractions.

Al Ain National Heritage

The cultural site of Al Ain Oasis is the largest oasis in the city and the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the UAE. It is a 1,200-hectare area home to hundreds of date farms and used to be irrigated by a technique of falaj that began 3,000 years ago. The oasis is a perfect place for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and wander the leafy roads and paths past farms of trees blooming with the fruits like mangoes, oranges and bananas . The best time to visit the oasis is on the weekends, when events are often staged and the . It is located in the centre of Al Ain and the oasis is a 90-minute drive away from the capital and free to enter.

Al Ain Fort

The fort was built in 1891 around Al-Jahili Oasis on the southern part of the city of Al Ain close to Al Ain Castle Museum. Its purpose was the protection of palm farmers but later it was seized by a coastal scout who used it for its operation to protect the mountain lanes and to preserve the inter-tribal peace. It is on the strategic location near water sources and agricultural land helped the natives develop an extensive irrigation technology called the falaj which helped the city flourish. Because of this technology many mudbrick buildings were constructed and Jahili Fort was built as one of the largest castles in the city.

Archaeological park

The Hili Archaeological park is at a distance of 10 kilometres outside of Abu Dhabi’s lush garden city of Al Ain, about an hour and a half away from the capital. The park comprises a public garden and an impressive archaeological site and has been an attractive place for visitors. Hili has the largest collection of stone constructed tombs and buildings from 2500 BCE and 2000 BCE period. A number of these Bronze Age structures, located within the Hili Archaeological Park, are open to the public. The park’s centrepiece is the Hili Grand Tomb, built in 2000 BCE in a circular form and approximately 4 metres high with two entrances decorated with beautifully engraved reliefs portraying human and animal figurines. It would be used to bury people from surrounding settlements.

Jebel Hafeet mountain

Rise up to a height of 1,249 metres to witness the skyline-dominating peak which is Abu Dhabi’s highest, and the UAE’s second tallest to marvel over the beauty of the Al-Ain city. Head to the top of Jebel Hafit mountain for incredibly majestic views of sunrise and sunset photos driving through “one of the world’s greatest driving roads” as described by edmunds (the automotive information online source). After enjoying the breathtaking views at the hilltop, visitors can head over to the nearby Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Al Ain Hotel for a meal.

Hot water springs

Abu Dhabi has a number of water springs, one of the renowned water springs is located at the base of Jebel Hafeet in the park area called Green Mubazzarah. It is at a distance of 10 minutes drive from Al Ain Zoo in the premises of Al ain city. The hot springs gushing straight from the Jebel Hafeet are known for their therapeutic qualities. Spending some time in these hot springs is refreshing and energising, especially within the natural outdoor environment. Visiting the park in the evening is a wholehearted experience to enjoy a hot water spring in the soothing contrast between the warmth of the water and coolness in the mountain air.

Al- Ain Mall

The Mall is a modern attraction added to the charm of the city of Al- Ain which has a decade-long success story of upholding supremacy in both retail and entertainment. It’s an all time stop for shopping, playing games and entertainment for people from all age-groups. The city’s top entertainment facilities include the first full-sized ice rink made of real ice; a bowling and billiard centre and a huge Grand Cineplex to enjoy movies. Explore a wide-range of choices in fashion put on display by the renowned regional-international brands. Sit down at restaurants & cafes of the mall to savour a variety of food options. The angular façade architecture of the building of the mall reflects the historical significance and heritage of Al Ain while giving it a strikingly aesthetic outlook.

Why Should Go for Al-Ain tour

The city of Al-Ain would help visitors escape Dubai’s glitzy urban atmosphere and would engulf them into its verdant gardens, serene parks and many other attractions. The dynamic culture, architectural beauty and pleasant greenery would make their experience more diverse and enriching. The fascinating destinations of the Al-Ain city are UAE’s second largest mountain, Jebel Hafeet, with the most remarkable views over the city and the date palms spread over an area of 3,000 acre in the Al-Ain Oasis. While a drive to the Jebel Hafeet Mountain would feel enthralling, the Oasis would allow the enchantment of serenity of its beautiful landscape.

The place even offers an attraction to students and historians interested in digging deep into the history of the 2500 BCE 2000 BCE old city. They can visit the Al Ain National Museum and the Hili Archeological Park where the remnants of ancient history of the city can be found. Visitors can sooth the hot water springs against the cold evenings at Green Mubazzarah park. The premises of the city also have an acclaimed Al-Ain Mall for those interested in the modern ways of leisure and entertainment which can be enjoyed while summing up the Al-Ain city tour.

Al Ain City Tour FAQ's

What is Al Ain known for?

Al Ain is the Garden city in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi famous for its lively, bustling Camel Souk, a traditional Camel Market, which is probably the region’s last of its kind attracting breeders and buyers from all over the UAE. It’s also known for its Oasis spread over nearly 3,000 acres and contains more than 147,000 date palms of up to 100 different varieties.

What is the best time to visit Al Ain ?

The best time for Al Ain city tour is from early October to mid-January when the temperature is modest to roam around the various places of the city. One should start their Al-Ain tour early in the mornings so that most of the attractions are covered while enjoying them at their fullest.

What are the operational hours and duration of Al Ain city tour?

The operational timings of the tour are 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM and the duration of the tour would last up to approximately 8 hours.

How to reach Al Ain?

Al Ain is a hundred miles east of Abu Dhabi, via the E22 (Al Ain Road). To reach Al Ain board buses from Abu Dhabi’s central bus terminal which take a couple of hours to reach Al-Ain city. Buses leave several times a day from the bus terminal, visitors can depart from Abu Dhabi for Al-Ain city at their desired time of convenience . One can also drive up to Al Ain from their private vehicle or a taxi.


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