Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

About Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

In the world of sand, dunes, and deserts, desert Safari Abu Dhabi is the most amazing experience. Ranging from the calmest to the most thrilling adventurous drives, this Safari ride is one of the most popular things to do in Abu Dhabi. The scope of delight in boarding this Safari lies beyond sightseeing as it offers thrilling activities like sandboard surfing, quad bike riding, canal riding, and the infamous dune bashing. The best desert Safari Abu Dhabi will take you through the deserts at different times to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset above the dunes of sand.

Each experience of the Abu Dhabi desert Safari Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates is one of its kind. You will be able to capture Instagram-worthy pictures and videos in this exotic desert. The more you enjoy riding on this 4x4 AC ride, the better you will get to know about the lives running through the desert. The desert Safari Abu Dhabi will take you towards geological beauties like Liwa Oasis and Rub Al Khali. You can choose to hop on the back of the camel to experience the slow breeze of the desert or you can opt for sandboarding. After the exploration of the lonely sands, you will be served the tastiest Arabic barbecue dinner and refreshments.

Get the Best Deals on Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Booking Abu Safari tickets online is one of the best decisions to make as it reserves your spot on your desired day. Owing to the popularity of the activities, this place is overcrowded with tickets being constantly sold out days before. To avoid this kind of situation, you should book your tickets in advance. This applies to you even more if you are traveling internationally as any such changes in plans may spoil your trip plans. The online advanced booking system will reduce the efforts to manually buy the tickets as it happens with a single click. All of the variants of morning and evening come in different offers. Booking from us will give you an instant confirmation along with a handsome discount on these deals and combos to make your trip as cost-effective as possible.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour Overview

The best desert Safari Abu Dhabi offers a variety of unique deals. These offerings come up with comfortable hotel pick-up and drop facilities. The experience of riding a Safari at different times of the day- the morning, evening, and romantic desert rides. The options of luxurious and the cheap desert Safari Abu Dhabi are available to choose from.

The two distinct options present you with the captivating views of the sunrise and the stunning sunset through the dunes. You will be taken to the geographical wonders of Liwa oasis, Rub Al Khali, and Al Khatim. The onboard Safari ride will make you choose between fun activities like sand skiing, dune bashing, sand board riding, quad bike riding, and the peaceful camel ride. Roaming in the deserts in this safari ride allows you to take beautiful pictures in the sands. The desert Safari Abu Dhabi deals aren’t just limited to the ride as it provides you the best treatment after completion of your ride. After the ride, you will be taken to have the best dinner consisting of Arabian barbecue and refreshments. There are live shows with performances of belly dancing that you can enjoy while chilling.

Highlights of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

  • Unravel your journey through the golden sands of Abu Dhabi riding a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Range Rover.
  • Ride a camel to get the real essence of the best deserts of the Middle East.
  • Visit the camel village to know about the desert culture and life.
  • Experience the mesmerizing sunset views through the dunes of Abu Dhabi.
  • Board the fast 4 x 4 AC safari ride making you experience the abrupt turns through the deserts.
  • Enjoy the off-roading experience on the toughest Quad Bike rolling through the difficult topography of deserts.
  • Ascend and descend the dunes on a sandboard to experience the rush of adrenaline through sandboarding.
  • Have the tastiest barbecue food after experiencing the toughest rides.
  • Enjoy the belly dancing and tanoura performances mimicking the original Arabian nights.
  • Camp beneath the bright sky of the deserts to witness the nomadic life.
  • Wake up in the desert camp to witness a euphoric sunrise and eat a delicious continental breakfast.

Pickup & Drop Facility in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

  • The facility of pick up and drop is available to Abu Dhabi’s hotels and residents.
  • The type of pickup vehicle can be either private or shared.
  • More the distance between the hotel/residence and the desert Safari Abu Dhabi location, the earliest would be the pick up to reach in time.
  • The pick-up will be done in the morning for the sunrise Safari ride before 08:00 AM.
  • For the evening hours, the pick-up is anywhere done around 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM.
  • After the enjoyment of evening rides, you will be dropped at your hotel/residence with utmost safety and precaution.

Timings to Go For Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

  • You can board a Safari ride any time of the day starting from 08:00 AM to the last ride at night time.
  • There are two variants of Safari rides depending upon the chosen experiences.
  • The first one is the Safari ride of the morning that offers euphoric sunrise views starting at 08:00 AM.
  • The last time to board the morning variant is Noon.
  • The evening Safari variant starts at 04:00 PM and ends the next day.
  • This ride offers elegant sunset views followed by camping at the site witnessing belly dance performances and the Arabic BBQ dinner.

Inclusions in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

  • The tickets for desert Safari Abu Dhabi include a friendly English-speaking guide to assist you throughout the trip.
  • Round trip shared or private transfers are available as a part of the trip.
  • You can choose from activities like sandboarding, sand skiing, ATV Quad bike riding, golden dune drive, etc.
  • The opportunity to click in Arabian attire and apply the traditional henna is also included.
  • Fire shows and mesmerizing live dancing performances with Arabic BBQ is an inclusion.

Types of Desert Safari Options in Abu Dhabi

Morning Desert Abu Dhabi Safari

This safari ride starts from 08:00 AM onwards up to 12:00 PM. This will take you to witness the brightest sun above the glorious sands of Abu Dhabi. You can sit on the back of a camel to witness the beauty of sands at a slightly above level. You may choose to visit the camel village and wear Arabic attire to feel the charm of the traditional Middle East

Evening Desert Safari

This safari ride starts from 03:00 PM onwards, making you witness the mesmerizing sunsetting views beyond the golden dunes of Abu Dhabi. You can opt for adventurous activities following the safari ride. You can get a rush of adrenaline in 4x4 safari dune bashing activity. The infamous ATV quad bike ride can be experienced to get the thrills of the difficult terrain of the desert.

Romantic Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Things will become thrilling and even more romantic for you and your loved one as you board the safari ride. You can choose the thrilling experience of dune bashing with your partner to get a boost of adrenaline. You can ride a camel with your loved one and opt for a “His and Her” henna design. All this follows a romantic BBQ dinner at night with live performances and camping beneath the stars to wake up the next day with a beautiful smile.

Things to Do in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Whether morning or evening Abu Dhabi safari experience, you can choose a variety of activities to have fun. These activities range from blissful activities involving exploring and relaxing to thrill-riding activities. Let it be riding on the camels to rise high or descending a dune, Abu Dhabi safari experience has so much to offer.

Camel Ride

Sitting on the ship of the desert to gradually explore the dunes is one of the best experiences of desert Safari Abu Dhabi. The camel rides make you witness the breath of desert air slowly crossing different valleys and dunes. The camel will make you rise high in the desert skies, much more than the Safari, to witness captivating sands. Most of the Safari rides include a 30-minute blissful camel ride along with a visit to the camel farm. Followed by the blissful camel ride, your journey will be ended by drinking the tastiest Arabic tea and coffee.

Quad Biking

Experience the thrills of riding through the toughest dunes with the quad bike. The quad bike is a version of off-roading experiences navigating through the toughest terrain of the deserts. This bike can also be rented for the Abu Dhabi safari ride. Speeding up high through the sands, quad bike riding is a boon for adventurous souls. You can ride a quad bike 330 CC automatic, 400 CC automatic, and 700 CC receptor with a gear quad bike. The minimum age to ride this exclusive bike is 15 years. The helmet and goggles are provided for safety purposes to gain the utmost pleasure from this infamous ride. Quad biking is the most popular highlight of the Abu Dhabi desert safari, making people visit the place just to ride a quad bike.

Dune Bashing

Another thrilling highlight of the safari ride, Dune Bashing is known for catering to the adventurous souls visiting Abu Dhabi. With this ride, you will be able to roll through dunes sitting safely in the 4x4 powerful land cruise- the range rovers. The abrupt turns and ascending-descending dunes will pump your heart with thrill through this bashing experience. Expert drivers make you feel safe along with pro riding experience giving you a rush of adrenaline. Dune bashing is included in the overnight camping in the Abu Dhabi deserts along with a camel ride.


Sandboarding and sand skiing are other thrilling rides available on the Abu Dhabi safari tour. This ride will take you to a sloppy dune and provide you with a sand board to thrill down the sand hill. These sand boards laminex plastic base with a harder surface. The boards stepping you down from even more sloppy dunes have hardwood sand boards with a laminate base to support the ride. Similar to snowboarding, sandboarding is an evolving technique throughout the country. This extreme sport has to be done cautiously and is included in the Abu Dhabi desert package.

Barbeque Dinner and Belly Dance Show

Barbeque dinner and belly dance show: The experience of the Abu Dhabi safari ride is incomplete without having the tastiest meal in the desert. The end of the journey of the safari ride happens to transport you right below the stars in the Abu Dhabi desert campsite. You are provided with the Arabic delight of Barbecue and refreshments. Not only this, you will be able to sit back and relax watching the gorgeous belly dancers perform their best. You can also go for other available options such as the henna paintings and Shisha. The belly dance and tanoura performances on the Arabic music in between the lonely deserts set up the mood just like that of the Arabian nights.

Camping Under the Stars

The outstanding camps of Bedouin make you experience the blissful Arabian nights beneath the brightest sky. After a thrilling experience of the safari ride followed by a scrumptious dinner with enchanting performances, you can choose to relax in the nomadic camps. These camps will make you understand the simplest lifestyle in the middle of lonely deserts. You will wake up to the Arabian sunrise with the freshest breeze of air re-energizing your soul. You will be able to enjoy the delicious continental breakfast before heading back to your hotel.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Booking Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

  • Book tickets online in advance as this is the best desert Safari Abu Dhabi experience, constantly sold out.
  • You should wear casual and comfortable cotton clothing to fight the scorching heat of Abu Dhabi.
  • Wear open and comfortable shoes to move smoothly in the sands such as sport shoes, hiking shoes, boots, sneakers..
  • Keep yourself regularly hydrated as this place is a hot desert.
  • Carry a cardigan or light jacket as it gets a bit colder at night if you are choosing to camp.
  • Follow the instructions of the instructors to perform the adventurous activities carefully.
  • Learn properly about the desert culture and life through your English-speaking guide and visiting the camel village.
  • Clicking in Arabic attire and applying henna is a common thing people do here.
  • Carefully try sandboarding as it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.
  • Don’t panic in the twist and turn of dune bashing rides as they are performed by experts with utmost safety.
  • You can choose the times according to your preferences but the times of early mornings and evenings are suitable to explore.
  • The best timings include the late evening hours.
  • This ride can feel rewarding in the times of winter.
  • Don’t litter in the desert. It is strictly prohibited and isn’t the right thing to do.

Why To Book Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

  • You should choose the Abu Dhabi safari because it lets you know about the desert culture, nomadic life, tradition, and Arabic food.
  • This trip is a combination of learning, enjoyment, and thrills.
  • The safari experience lets everyone experience fun on their levels- for the light-hearted and the thrilling ones.
  • You can ride a camel to get an overview of desert life.
  • The Arabic attire and infamous henna embed you with cultural values from Abu Dhabi.
  • Abu Dhabi Safari offers games and thrilling rides Dune bashing, sandboarding, and ATV quad ride will give a rush of adrenaline and fun altogether.
  • The best Safari Abu Dhabi makes you witness the real-life oasis that you always heard about in stories.
  • It is a couple-friendly place where you can bring your loved one to ride a camel with and enjoy the tastiest BBQ dinner.
  • Abu Dhabi safari experience is another platform for belly dancers and tanoura dancers to showcase their talent.
  • You can get the real-life feel of the Arabian nights while sleeping at the campsite below the stars through this safari tour.

Know Before You Book Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tickets

Location & Timings
Best Time to Visit & Dress Code

Location: You can board the Safari from Khalidiya Tower - khalidiya Tower Mezzanine Floor Room No. 32 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

Timings: The timings of Safari start from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM for the morning variant and from 03:00 PM up to 11:00 PM for evening safari.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to experience the Abu Dhabi safari ride is during the winter season from December to February, due to the favorable climatic conditions. The pleasant and cooler weather boosts up the activities urging more people to opt for the ride.

What to Wear: You should wear comfortable and casual clothes made up of cotton such as casual shorts, trousers, and shirts to beat the scorching heat. For footwear, you should wear slippers, flippers, and open shoes to walk through the sands.

FAQs of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

What is the best time for an evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

The best time of the evening to experience desert Safari Abu Dhabi is around the late evening hours around 09:00 PM at the time of sunset to experience beautiful sightseeing and indulge in fun activities.

What should I wear on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

You should dress comfortably and casually in cotton items like shirts, shorts, trousers, and pants to help you combat the oppressive heat. To navigate the dunes, you should wear open shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes, boots, and sneakers.

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What are the different types of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

1.) Evening Desert Safari: Beginning at 3:00 PM, this is the best Safari Abu Dhabi taking you past the golden sand dunes to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. After the safari ride, you can choose from a variety of thrilling activities. The 4x4 safari dune bashing activity might provide you with an adrenaline boost. To experience the excitement of the challenging desert landscape, take the infamous ATV quad bike trip.

2.) Morning Desert Abu Dhabi Safari: The safari journey begins at 8:00 AM and lasts until 12:00 PM. This is the cheap and best Safari Abu Dhabi allowing you to see the sun at its brightest above Abu Dhabi's magnificent sands. For an elevated view of the splendor of the sands, you can ride a camel. To experience the allure of the conventional Middle East, you might decide to visit the camel village and get dressed in Arabic clothing.

3.) Romantic Desert Safari Abu Dhabi: As soon as you and your special someone board the Abu Dhabi desert Safari Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, things will get exciting and much more romantic. To receive an adrenaline rush, you might select the exhilarating activity of dune bashing with your companion. You can choose to have a "His and Her" henna design while riding a camel with your significant other. All of this happens after a night of great music and a romantic BBQ meal, followed by camping out under the stars.

What should I bring on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

You should carry your cheap desert Safari Abu Dhabi tickets and bring plenty of water, sunglasses, sun hats, and sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the sun. Additionally, don’t forget to carry your medications (if any), gadgets like mobile phones, chargers, and cameras.

What is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

Due to the favorable climatic conditions, the winter season from December to February is the finest time to enjoy rides in desert Safari Abu Dhabi price. The pleasant and milder weather encourages more people to choose rides, boosting the activities.


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